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Businesses that Got Saved by Branding Video

With millions of entrepreneurs all around the world competing for customers, standing out and becoming successful needs more than just efforts and skills. It takes a whole lot of strategic marketing plans and effective execution of the plans to win the heart and trusts of your customers as well. One of the most effective way to engage an audience is through branding videos. These videos may be about Interviews, special events, video blogs and presentations. Here are some of the most popular entrepreneurs whose business success were tremendously helped by using branding videos. 

1. Jarvie Digital Photography. Anyone can take pictures but what made Scott Jarvie’s photographs stand out is his personal engagement and promotion of his products and services with his online audience. He even has a quirky photographic technique called “Jarvie window” named after him.      

2. Tanya Burr. She is one of the most popular make-up gurus in YouTube who is making tons of money with her channel. This once make-up counter girl are now being chased by premium make-up brands to be featured in her videos. She endorses products from Chanel, Dior and YSL to her 2.1 million subscribers. She has worked together with big companies like Dove, Tresemme and VO5 as well.  

3. Good Mythical Morning. “Intertainers” Rhett James McLaughlin and his childhood friend Charles Lincoln “Link” Neal III are the men behind this successful 12 million YouTube channel subscribers. While both earned their respective degree as engineers, they have both decided to team-up on making funny viral videos for their audience and are now running three other YouTube channels.  

4. Coconut Bliss. This ice cream company based in Eugene, Oregon sure knows that taking friendly photographs and videos of different people eating their ice cream is an awesome way to promote their product. The company’s success can surely be attributed to an effective social media use.  

5.  EasyLunchBoxesFounded by Kelly Lester, the actress/mom thought of a cool way to incorporate healthy choices for kid’s lunch. Kelly uses her website and her YouTube channel to produce videos to help moms pack easy lunches for their schooling kids.  

Branding videos are one of the ways to engage your audience to avail of your products and services. You just have to choose the best video production companies Chicago where you can work with.

These entrepreneurs sure has come a long way by using branding videos to build personal relationship with their customers and that has helped with their business success.  

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